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Scary footage shows the moment Hammond lost control of a Rimac Concept One while filming for The Grand Tour, resulting in a huge crash which thankfully didn't cause him serious injury

Here's The Moment Richard Hammond Lost Control Of A Rimac Concept One

Photos I took of Richard Hammond's Rimac 2 days before the crash when it was in Lucerne, Switzerland.

Grand Tour presenter Hammond has been involved in a fiery crash while filming with a Rimac Concept One in Switzerland, escaping with only minor injuries

Richard Hammond Escapes Serious Injury After Huge Crash In Switzerland

Pray for dacia guy he has a tumor and 25% chance of dying in the surgery to remove it #Prayfordaciaguy

Rockstar continues to bring new and exciting updates to GTA Online and the latest, titled 'Gunrunning', is all about the arms trade in Los Santos

GTA Online’s Explosive New 'Gunrunning' Update Drops Next Week

No manual in the new Supra, Porsche's GT2 RS and more! Click the video!

TT: EP16 - 2017 Toyota Supra Without Manual? Porsche GT2 RS And More

YouTube / DeansTorque

The first ever Batmobile driver passed away...RIP Adam West

Hammond crashes Rimac concept one!

Richard Hammond crashes Rimac Concept One - 102ndcar NEWS

YouTube / 102ndcar