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Fresh from our drive in the new VW Arteon, we’ve plucked a V6-equipped example of its predecessor - the Passat CC - from the classifieds

This Near-300bhp VW Passat CC V6 Is A £5600 Bargain

Here are the five of the best daily cars you can buy in a budget of 1000$ Of course there are many good cars in this budget so I will probably make a part two,thanks for watching !

5 Best Daily Cars For Under 1000$

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Tyler Hoover - owner of the USA's cheapest 911 - thought it would be a great idea to add to his garage with the least expensive turbocharged Porsche he could find...

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Ford's brilliantly preposterous Focus ST-engined performance MPV can be picked up cheaply, and has epic tuning potential

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First car ideas?

Hey, still more than a year left but I’m already thinking about my first car. I live in Spain, and would like to find a manual car, preferably petrol, from 1985-2005 under 4500€. Got many different ideas, going from something like a z3/mx5/TT/SLK or a 3 series, to something like a patrol/montero or even something like a jaguar xj6. Any ideas or suggestions will be welcome. Thanks.

Need ideas for a first car

So I will going off to college in the fall and will need a car of my own. The unfortunate thing is that anything RWD is out of the picture, as the winters where I live vary from year to year (yay for the U.S. east coast, otherwise I would have gotten an AE86 or S13).
Budget of $4,000 USD
Must be FWD or AWD
Don’t care about transmission: either works.
Up for anything. Old or new. Coupe, sedan, or wagon of any car brand. (Examples include things like the Eclipse, Integra, various Volvos). I just feel like there’s some good cars out there I’m missing: that’s why I’m making this post: to see if there’s anything I’m missing on my list already.

First car ideas

As I will be able to get my learners permit in a couple months, I need ideas for a first car

It must be cheap to buy and maintain
Cheap for insurance
Good on gas
Must be a manual
A wagon is preferred but if not then that is ok
Must be $10,000 and below

If you could help, that’d be great! Thanks!