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Nice little teaser from today, full #blogpost coming soon!

London Car Shopping for 911s: na FWDrift #blogpost

So… I should probably explain this. My Grandfather (not the guy with the bike) sold his house in Cyprus, due to s bereavement. He then sold his house in the U.K. and bought a new one a few miles away from where I live - a village in East Anglia.

With the extra money, he decided that he wanted to buy himself something nice. Naturally when he decided that he wanted to buy a ‘nice, sporty, convertible Sunday driver’ he spoke to me. Originally the plan was to buy a classic - not a restoration project, as time and money isn’t an available resource right now - but due to reliability and money issues, we quickly decided that buying something more modern might be a better idea.

So: sporty, reliable and - most importantly - convertible. Right. My Grandfather (who we’ll call RB from now on) suggested a Z3, DB7, etc. But I came up with a better idea.

A 911.

Originally (after some convincing) we settled on a 996 Carrera 2. Then a 997. Now we’re looking at 997 C4Ss - and we might be on the verge of buying one!

So tomorrow’s (10th June) I’m heading to London with RB to go and look at some sweet-ass Porsches. Expect pictures and a short blog post tomorrow. Hopefully it’ll be good news. Who knows!

(P.S.: As I’m helping out with this and RB keeps saying that it’ll end up being mine one day, I’ll probably end up adding the car (if we get one) to the garage. If any mods have a problem with it, I’ll take it down. After all, rules are meant to be followed. Thanks for reading. -FWDrift)

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