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Update on Celer Games


Soon there will be no more school. That means working on #CTtheGame 8 hours a day. Also, that means that in the month there will be a Beta testing for you guys. Also, Celer Games has joined a gaming studio. We are already partners with Amoteur Games Studio but now we are working on a whole new level. I can’t say the name of the studio or the name of the game, but it will be innovative (it’s not a racing game) and something completely new. No-one did this in gaming industry so far. I’m the co-leader of the team and the man who’s idea was that. Trust me you will love it. Also, you will be able to test it aswell. Also, I might be working on another project (This one is a racing game) and trust me, you will love that. Most of the stuff is top secret. The first ever reveal of “Sašanator” will be in a couple of months (codename for the innovative, nonracing game), and the reveal of the racing game is still unknown.

Also keep in mind that Overtake: CT Game is a nonprofitable game designed to make you feel happy so comment what you want to be in it. Also as always, my goal isn’t to make money. It’s to make YOU happy, so if there’s any complain give it to me.

I feel proud of myself, but I feel more proud of my team.

Special thanks:
Roadster (Otaku)
Project Cabby
McLaren P1


I’ll give my best to keep you happy,
Tomislav Celić - Celer Games

Le Vainqueur - Original Group C Article Contest Results

Big thanks to these great users!


Thijs de Boer



Matthew woodgreave


Tomislav Celić (Hatchback Mafia) #Ctthegame (CT Border Patrol)



The F12 of Maranello

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Chad Fischbeck…

#CelerBlog competition changes

Remember my recent post about #CelerBlog competition? Well the rules have changed. Now we have a new competition.
Here’s the rules and how to:

  • Post as much posts you can using #CelerBlog in car history community
  • Post’s must contain an actual story.
  • Post must contain atleast 7 photos and 2 videos
  • You must credit Celer Games and put the hastag in title

Prize is the special place in my videogame called Overtake: CT Game also known as #CTtheGame

#CTtheGame special competition time

Since CT is having too much memes lately, lets make something interesting. In order to participate you must post blogposts. The person that writes the biggest amount of blogposts wins. Use #CelerBlog to participate.
At least 5 chapters
At least 7 photos
At least one video
Put #CelerBlog in title
If you get editor pick, that blog counts as 2 normal blogs.

Prize is a special place in #CTtheGame