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#DailyMusic 58 - Vocaloid eurobeat? OH YEAH

Hatsune Miku ft. Kagamine Len & Rin - Highway St☆r (EUROBEAT)

YouTube / The Best of Eurobeat

#DailyMusic 57 - Everyone cries when hearing this

Wiz Khalifa - See You Again ft. Charlie Puth [Official Video] Furious 7 Soundtrack

YouTube / Wiz Khalifa

#DailyMusic 56 - Panda Panda Panda

GUMI - Panda Hero (English Subbed)

YouTube / Kisekikui

#DailyMusic 55 - Another Vocaloid cover

【きゃりーめぐめぐ】CANDY CANDY [GUMI]

YouTube / keeyureno

#DailyMusic 54 - One of the few Vocaloid covers that are actually good

【Megpoid Gumi】Ponponpon【VOCALOIDカバー】

YouTube / E-ルン

#DailyMusic 53 - Ultra Sax Guy

Sunstroke Project - Hey Mamma (Moldova) LIVE at the Grand Final of the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest

YouTube / Eurovision Song Contest

#DailyMusic 52 - Gumi is my favourite Vocaloid tbh

【VOCALOID Original】 ASTHMA 【GUMI English ft. Megurine Luka】

YouTube / Reoni☆ | れおに

#DailyMusic 51 - Not disappointed

Imagine Dragons - Believer (Audio)

YouTube / ImagineDragonsVEVO

#DailyMusic 50 - Such a story in one song

【Hatsune Miku】The Name of the Sin 罪の名前 PV【English Subtitles】

YouTube / thisendlessforest

#DailyMusic 49 - Saying random controller buttons make up a song

[60fps Full風] リモコン Remote Controller - 鏡音リンレン Kagamine Rin Len Project DIVA English Romaji PDA FT

YouTube / googoo888