The Dodge Demon Will Set You Back $84,995, With Options From $1

FCA has released the Dodge Challenger SRT Demon's MSRP and detailed all its options, available from $1

Vin Diesel Likes Dodge SRT Cars So Much He's Started Advertising Them

We've seen Vin Diesel in plenty of fast Dodges over the years as part of his action-packed life as Dominic Toretto in the Fast & Furious movies, but now he's actually advertising them almost in character

Automotive News Wants The Dodge Demon Banned Outright For Being Too Fast

In a short but harshly-worded editorial cannon blast directed straight at Dodge, the major American magazine has slammed the Demon as dangerous, and called for a total ban

This 9sec Hellcat Is Like The Charger SRT Demon Dodge Never Made

It's doubtful Dodge will make an SRT Demon version of the Charger, but don't worry, as we have a 9sec Charger Hellcat right here that nicely fills the void...

The Nio EP9 Is A Nurburgring Record-Breaker That Costs The Same As 16 Dodge Demons

Sometimes a performance car is just straight-up too expensive, and we reckon the fully-electric Nio EP9 is a perfect example

Dodge Challenger SRT Demon Will Cost "Well Below" $100k

FCA's Tim Kuniskis has dropped a big hint about the cost of Dodge's drag strip monster

Watch A Dodge Challenger Hellcat Hit Seventh Gear In This Monstrous Burnout

A deserted Polish street is the scene of one gigantic rolling Hellcat burnout, which sees the car reaching seventh gear and producing a massive cloud

The Penultimate Dodge Demon Teaser Hints At Racing Fuel

With the end of these weekly teasers now in sight, the 13th video features what seems to be high-octane racing fuel

Hennessey Has Built A Dodge Demon-Slaying Camaro With 1000bhp And Called It The Exorcist

Your move, Dodge! Hennessey has tuned the Camaro up to astonishing levels of performance, producing a sub-10-second quarter-mile and Veyron-beating power

The Dodge Demon Will Use Air Conditioning To Make More Angry American Horses

The latest Challenger SRT Demon teaser details the car's liquid-to-air charge cooler, which will increase power by dramatically lowering the intake air temperature

The Dodge Demon's Factory Trans Brake Will Make For Fast And Ferocious Launches

The latest Challenger SRT Demon teaser reveals that the car will be the first vehicle to have a factory-fitted trans brake

Now's Your Chance To Bid On One Of Dom's Fast And Furious Dodge Chargers

A Dodge Charger that featured in the fourth and fifth Fast and Furious films will be auctioned off in Pennsylvania next week

It Looks Like The Dodge Challenger SRT Demon May Make 'Only' 757hp

Judging by the latest Demon teaser, Dodge's new quarter-mile weapon won't have quite the boost in power over the Hellcat many have been predicting

These Are The Butch Parts That'll Stop The Dodge Challenger Demon Eating Itself

In the latest Challenger SRT Demon teaser, Dodge takes us through the various strengthened bits and pieces of the driveline