Someone's Imagined A 1990s Ferrari FF, And It's Gorgeous

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Despite not owning a car, actor Michael Fassbender is now competing in the North American Ferrari Challenge series, and he's doing reasonably well...

All Ferrari V12s Will Be Forced To Go Hybrid By 2021

The good news is that the screaming Ferrari V12 is safe for now, but emissions legislation means that hybridisation will be essential in just four more years

A V12-Swapped Ferrari 308 QV Will Be Auctioned Next Month

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Ferrari 488 GTB Destroyed After Massive Brake Failure

According to reports, the 488 was being piloted by a pro driver when the car's brakes failed at Estoril circuit this weekend. The driver is thought to have suffered minor injuries

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Ferrari Is Preparing A Special 70th Anniversary LaFerrari

It's tough to accuse the LaFerrari of not being special enough, but Ferrari is building a hyper-exclusive version anyway to celebrate 70 years since Enzo founded the company

Spanish Police Raid Fake Ferrari Factory That Turned Peugeots Into F430s

We were always of the opinion that anyone who converts an MR2 into a dodgy Ferrari lookalike should be arrested, but it turns out that's actually what happens in Spain...

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