Here's Your First Look At The Tesla Model Y

Lurking in the shadows of this teaser image is Tesla's incoming Model Y compact crossover

Tesla Model 3 Details Revealed Via Bizarre Model S Comparison

We finally get the vital statistics for the electric car giant's long-awaited high volume model, via a strange graphic the company released that shows it's worse in every possible way than the existing model

Man Brands Elon Musk A Lifesaver After His Tesla Model X Is Hit By A Speeding Car

After his rented Model X withstood being torpedoed by a speeding, stolen car the night before his wedding, John Tran is publicly thanking Tesla management for saving his life

Model X Owner Suing Tesla After Falcon Doors Allegedly Fail To Open In Fiery Crash

A Model X owner in China claims that she and another passenger were stuck in the back of her car when the Falcon Wing doors failed to open following a crash

Tesla Just Recalled 53,000 Cars Due To Parking Brake Issue

The company is recalling all Model X and Model S EVs built between February and October 2016 due to a potential problem with the parking brake seizing

The Tesla Model 3 Has Just One Display, And It's Not In Front Of The Driver

Being able to quickly glance at your road and engine speeds, fuel level or engine temperatures is taken for granted, but Tesla seems to want to make it a whole lot more difficult

A Tesla Model S P100D Has Just Run The Standing Quarter In 10.6 Seconds

This is a new best for a car already known for its devastating drag strip performance, with a cheeky drop in tyre pressures part of what made it possible.

This Tesla Autopilot Crash Shows Why You Still Have To Pay Attention In Semi-Autonomous Cars

Impressive though semi-autonomous systems like Autopilot are, it's really not a good idea to fully leave them to the task of driving, as this Model S crash demonstrates

Tesla Will Repair Model S Belonging To Man Who Damaged His To Save Another Driver

Elon Musk has announced that Tesla will cover the repair costs for a Model S used to stop a runaway VW

What The Hell Is Going On With Tesla Model S Wheels On Impact?

IIHS crash test footage of a 2016 Tesla Model S reveal a very disturbing problem with the car's wheels on impact, where they shatter...

Electric GT’s Tesla Model S Is A 778bhp Racing Beast

Electric GT will burst onto the motorsport scene in 2017 with its first season. We’ve learned more information on its Tesla Model S race car and the figures are pretty striking

Tesla Has Revealed How Much Supercharger Access Will Cost Future Owners

For most future Model S and X owners, Supercharger access will remain free, but go over the limit and you'll have to cough up

Here's How You Use The Tesla Model S P100D's New 'Ludicrous Plus' Mode

Tesla's latest Easter egg - which drops the P100D's 0-60mph to 2.4 seconds - can be seen in action here

Don't Believe The Hype: Faraday Future Will Not Be A Tesla Rival Next Year

Much as our attention was caught by Faraday Future's bold claims for its FF91 electric-powered rocket ship on wheels, closer inspection reveals plenty of problems