It Looks Like The New Toyota Supra Will Be Automatic-Only

In what has to be a big disappointment for people hoping for a manual Supra to get their teeth into, the latest information gleaned from test mules suggests that the Supra won't have a manual option at all

Here's What Happens When You Crash A 1998 Toyota Corolla Into A New One

Safety organisation ANCAP crashed a 1998 Corolla into one from 2015, with both cars travelling at 40mph. As you'd expect, the outcome for the 1998 car was not pretty

This 'Unrecoverable' Toyota Supra Lies Half Buried On The Side Of A Hill In Japan

Alexi from Japanese car culture channel noriyaro investigates "the legend of the unrecoverable Supra"

Heroic WEC Driver Drags Half Naked Toyota Back To The Pits

Jose Maria Lopez crashed heavily at the 6 Hours of Silverstone but somehow dragged his destroyed, almost naked Toyota LMP1 car back to the pits to be repaired

We Need This Low-Mileage, Original Condition Toyota 2000 GT In Our Lives

The 2000 GT is one of the dark horses of the classic car market; overlooked for a long time because it wasn't European or American. An asking price of a million dollars for this one means those days are long gone

The Toyota Hilux Tonka Is A Thing And I Want One

Toyota has created a Tonka truck-inspired Hilux concept, and it looks like the ultimate big kid's toy

It Looks Like Toyota Is Resurrecting The MR2 As Well As The Supra

At the Geneva Motor Show, Toyota strongly hinted that an MR2 successor will soon appear alongside the GT86 and the incoming new Supra

Here's What Toyota Is Doing To Fix The Hilux After Its Moose Test Failure

Following a shocking performance in a moose test by Swedish publication Teknikens Värld, Toyota is taking several steps to make the Hilux pickup safer

This Toyota Driver Cut In Front Of The Wrong Car

In this hilarious dashcam footage shot in California, a Toyota Sequoia driver is seen cutting his way in front of a Ford Explorer, before finding out it's an unmarked police vehicle...

Toyota Confirms Supercharged 205bhp Yaris For Geneva Motor Show

A supercharger is just about the last thing we expected to see making a comeback in the junior hot hatchback class, but that's exactly what Toyota is about to deliver

Top Gear's New Reasonably Priced Car Will Reportedly Be A Toyota GT86

A tabloid is reporting that Top Gear's Mini Cooper 'Rallycross Car' will be ousted by a Toyota GT86

5 Lesser-Known Toyota JZ-Engined Heroes

JZ-power is normally associated with the JDM royalty that is the Toyota Supra. Thankfully, other cars from the Japanese manufacturer managed to acquire the same engines, so here are some lesser-known culprits...