Matt Robinson 8 days ago 155

Forget Your Turbo STI Dreams: Subaru Has Made A New BRZ tS And Nothing More

Remember that STI-related teaser Subaru dropped last week? Now we know what it was for, and it's not a turbocharged BRZ...

Remind me later

It looks like a full-blown, turbocharged Subaru BRZ STI is going to elude as for a while longer. A teaser last week showing a massive STI-branded wing affixed to the boot of a BRZ gave us hope, but our worries that Subaru was actually cooking up a bunch of chassis/aero improvements and nothing else have sadly turned out to be well founded.

The Subaru of America Facebook page and Twitter accounts today posted another teaser, with the caption “Tune in tomorrow for more Subaru Tecnica International goodness. #BRZtS #STI”. Yep, we’re looking at a new BRZ tS, this time for the North American market.

The first tS - available in Japan only - was given better tyres, brakes and upgraded suspension relative to the regular BRZ, but no increase in power. For this new model, we’re looking at posher rubber and beefier brakes once again (a Michelin Pilot Sport 4 boot is shown in the image), what looks like a new front splitter, and a huge new rear wing as seen in last week’s teaser.

Suspension changes of some description will almost certainly be making an appearance too, but a turbo is not something we’re not expecting.