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Is This The Year's Best-Looking Concept Car?

Although it was released last year, The Renault Trezor's appearance at a prestigious concours event in Italy has brought with it an award for being the most beautiful concept car on show. The question is this: does it deserve it?

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This isn’t your average Renault. The Trezor (Renault also capitalises the Z because that’s cool or something) has just won the award for the year’s most beautiful concept car at the Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este on the shores of Lake Como.

At the ultra-exclusive Italian classic and future car show the all-electric Trezor beat off competition from a handful of other futuristic design studies to win the prize. Among its unusual features are a doorless body whose access point is via a three-quarter length one-piece canopy that covers the cabin and bonnet.

Obviously, getting in and out would be a pain in the derriere, but practicality isn’t exactly a concern when you’re just producing a statement piece, and we think the Trezor looks pretty good. This isn’t actually the first design award the car has won, though. It won the ‘most beautiful’ honours at the 2016 Festival Automobile International in Paris, and was awarded ‘concept car of the year’ at last year’s Geneva Motor Show.

The body panels are the highlight. Using a combination of advanced metal forming processes and witchcraft, the designers created a surface made up of thousands of concave and convex hexagonal sections. It’s a masterpiece.

Under the metalwork is an electric drivetrain transplanted from the French company’s Formula E car. It shouldn’t be a slouch with 345bhp and 280lb ft to call upon. Apparently the design cues genuinely do correlate to what Renault is doing with future road cars, and we already know that Renault is looking to improve and expand its electric car offering, so hopefully we’ll soon see an EV that’s a bit prettier than the Zoe.

Do you think there’s something newer and prettier that should have won the award instead? Let us know.