Is This Widebody Ferrari F12 The World's Most Insecure Supercar?

What exactly are you compensating for if your £240k Ferrari F12 needs a phat bodykit and even more power?

Remind me later
NOVITEC ROSSO NLARGO Pic20 The Ferrari F12 Berlinetta does not need modifying. For your £239,352, you get a 730bhp V12 engine, aerodynamics honed from lessons in F1 and the FXX project, and a bigger boot than a VW Golf. It's quite an all-rounder - faster than a 599 GTO, but easier to drive than a Caterham, thanks to its automatic gearbox and handbrake. NOVITEC ROSSO NLARGO Pic19 But there will always be someone, who having bought one of the world's most phallic-looking, capable cars, wants more. More size, more power, and to spend more money. German firm Novitec Rosso has been tuning Ferraris and Maseratis for yonks, but its new kit for the F12 is something else. It's called 'N-Largo' - as in 'en-large-oh'. Sure we're not compensating for something here? NOVITEC ROSSO NLARGO Pic22 So, what do you get for your 'price upon request' fee? Deep breath...
- Carbonfibre widebody kit, 60mm extra width at the front, 110mm extra at the rear - Extra brake duct cooling slots - Forged alloys, measuring 21inches up front and 22inches on the rear - Wider front and rear bumpers - Fixed rear wing - Five-element rear diffuser - 40mm suspension ride height drop - Hydraulic nose lifting system
NOVITEC ROSSO NLARGO Pic18 And, most worryingly of all...
'Upon customer request, Novitec Rosso also customizes the cockpit to the N-LARGO's owner's personal preferences down to the last detail.'
To haul along all the extra carbon, Range Rover wheels, and crocodile-skin interior, here is exactly what the F12 didn't need: more power.
- Remappped 6.3-litre V12 - High-performance exhaust with reduced back pressure - 770bhp @ 8600rpm (up from 730bhp @ 8250rpm) - 523lb ft @ 6400rpm (up from 508lb ft @ 6000rpm) - Claimed top speed: 217mph (up from 211mph. Money well spent...)
NOVITEC ROSSO NLARGO Pic27 And so, to the big question: which is worse? Novitec's En-largo-oh, or the Mansory La Revoluzione? mansory-f12-la-revoluzione-2-640x424 Before you answer, remember that the Mansory version, which is styled to look like an angry pigeon (not really) has 1183bhp and costs £1.1million...