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Jon Olsson's Camo-Wrapped Lamborghini Huracan Is For Sale And It's Actually Not That Expensive

This ultra-recognisable Huracan has been bumped north of 800bhp, and with a custom roof box it's the most practical two-door supercar you can buy. What more excuse do you need?

Remind me later

If, like us, you think the perfect daily is a supercharged Lamborghini Huracan with an urban camo wrap and a roof box, get in line because pro skier Jon Olsson’s car is for sale.

At an asking price of €250,000, which, given that more than €100,000 has been pumped in for the work carried out in raising it to more than 800bhp and fitting the completely bespoke roof box, it seems like a bit of a steal. Unless you live in the UK, where the exchange rate… well, it’s not so great right now.

The rather un-subtle modifications are something of a trademark for the Swedish car guy, and on the Huracan, which some people say is too conservative, they look absolutely awesome. We reported on it three months ago, at which time Olsson said he’d be using the car daily from his Monaco base, and even taking it to Apline ski resorts.

But clearly he’s quickly found its limitations for that sort of use, because on his Instagram page, where he announces it’s for sale, he says he’s looking for a four-seater. We can only guess that the knee-weakening V10 and the added supercharger whine weren’t good enough company for him. Weirdo.

It’s covered 3800km, he says, comes fitted with an Akrapovic exhaust and various carbon bits, lower K&W springs, and the carbon ceramic brakes have been swapped for more practical Girodisc steel alternatives.

As for performance, if you’re wondering, in the early stages of the supercharger kit’s development the car was spanning the 62-124mph rolling sprint in 5.3 seconds. Apparently it’s been ‘optimised’ since then, so it’s got to be pretty brutal.

Do us a favour, CTzens, and throw a few notes into the pot so we can buy it. We’ll share it. Honest.