Metal Barrier Narrowly Saves Rally Driver From Plummeting Down Steep Cliff

Tomasz Kasperczyk was driving the first stage of the Rally Islas Canaries when a small mistake led to him slamming into a metal barrier, which just about managed to save his Ford Fiesta R5 from tumbling down a massive cliff

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Kasperczyk was competing in the FIA European Rally Championship round on the Canary Isles when he seemingly misjudged a slow corner and smashed into a metal barrier. It was a pretty hefty hit. Thankfully the barrier was there, even if it looked a bit flimsy and was completely bent out of shape with the force of the crash.

It left the Fiesta R5 with two wheels over the edge of the steep cliff - had the barrier gave way it could have been a much nastier accident. Kasperczyk and his co-driver were OK after the hit, although they were probably a bit shaken by the shunt and how close they came to dropping off the edge of the road…