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The #ToyotaSupra FT-1 Release Date and Price

The website and blog spot 365carmods has just released information on the new Toyota FT - 1. According to 365carmods Toyota and BMW in the last few years have been working together on two sports cars, and now are working on a new platform, which will be used in the new upcoming sports cars.
There are rumours that say that the German automaker (#BMW) will be using this platform for the new 2016 BMW Z4, while the Japanese producer (#Toyota) wants to use it on its iconic Toyota Supra FT - 1 (Toyota did not state whether the FT-1 would use the #Supra name).

For those of you who don’t know about the #ToyotaSupra, it was produced from 1978 to 2002, and now has the status of legend, and is the superhero of the car community.

The FT -1 is said to be based on the supra models from 1978 . Toyota did also state their new concept car draws inspiration from Toyota's past sports cars like the 2000GT, Supra, MR-2, and 2007 FT-HS concept car.

The new 2019 Toyota Supra will be a result of the cooperation between these two companies (BMW and Toyota). On 10 February 2014, Toyota submitted an application to the United States Patent and Trademark Office to renew the Supra trademark. Toyota did say if the Toyota Ft1 Supra is approved from production to expect a price tag of around US$60,000 ( which is money will spent ) .

This model will come with more air intakes, comparing with the previous model. They will certainly have an impact on car’s apearance, giving it a more striking look. The design of the new Supra definitelly follows perfectly the air around the car
Since the Supra is a sports car, it will be made of extra-light materials (so for the die hard weight reduction fanboys don’t worry Toyota got your back). To fully minimize its weight, the Supra will use a lot of carbon fiber, aluminum and HSS, and it will probably have a similar light-weight way of building as in the BMW i8. Like its predecessor, this grand tourer will have 2+2 fastback body style.

Now most of us want to know what kind of power plant the new Toyota Supra FT-1 will have, and don’t worry our questions have been answered. Engine wise, #Motor Trend has reported the possible Supra successor could be based on the Toyota FT-HS (Future Toyota- Hybrids Sport). A Supra successor will be powered by a 3.5-liter V-6 twin turbo Lexus 943F hybrid system generating over 400 hp! Toyota says it is not rushing the Supra successor but instead is waiting to see how the sales and interests of its GT86/FR-S goes. Autocar also reported that the car will likely feature an all-wheel-drive hybrid system; four-cylinder engines are expected to be available. This means the Supra will join the 4x4 cars .

Final thoughts, the Toyota Supra msrp will most likely be set at $60 000 (USD). The release date is still unknown, but it will be presented to the public at one of the car shows in the early 2018. It will be available in the Toyota Dealersip fby the end of 2018. Personally i can’t wait for this legend to come back! it’s one hell of a machine and I need to get my hands on one, and add it to my collection, even before the car has been put into production it has stolen my heart, and in the famous words for Fry from Futurama,

"Shut up and take my money!"