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Police Explode 'Suspicious' Car They Parked Outside A Police Station Themselves

When a kind policeman offered to store an ill citizen's car outside a police station during his recovery, forgetting to tell other officers about it led to a bomb scare - and one dead Vauxhall

Remind me later

Picture the scene: you’re taken ill while you’re shopping in town and have to be rushed off to hospital. A nice policeman offers to take your car away and store it outside the police station until you’re feeling better. How good of him!

But the next morning you get a phone call about your pride and joy. A phone call explaining that the bomb disposal squad has just deliberately detonated a significant quantity of explosives in and/or around your car. “It’s now kind of dead,” they say. “Sorry.”

This hilariously awkward scenario has happened in the Cumbrian seaside town of Workington, after the officer who kindly brought the ill man’s Vauxhall Corsa back to the county station for safekeeping overnight forgot to tell anyone about it. Whoops.

When the new shift arrived in the early hours of the morning to find the unfamiliar Corsa directly outside the building with apparently suspicious-looking objects visible through the windows, someone mashed the panic button.

Bomb disposal experts were called, the station was evacuated and cordoned off, and the poor, unsuspecting Corsa was, err, exploded. Maybe the policeman just wanted one less Corsa in the world, or maybe his mind was simply on his dinner.

The police only discovered their mistake after searching whatever remained of the car, presumably only finding very small pieces of Werther’s Originals. “We have made contact with the owner of the vehicle, explained the situation and have apologised to him,” Cumbria Police said in a statement. We wonder how he took the news…

Source: The Telegraph