The 248,000 Mile Porsche 'Apollo 911' Is Getting An LS Swap

Following the death of its engine, Tyler Hoover's bargain basement 996 Carrera is being given an LS2 V8 transplant

Remind me later

Tyler Hoover’s 248,000 mile Porsche 911 is a true hero of the used car world. Thought to be the cheapest 911 in the USA when it was purchased, it’s done more miles than the distance from Earth to the moon - hence the name.

However, the last time we saw it, we were watching the painful death of its flat-six engine. This left Hoover with a dilemma - does he purchase a new flat-six, rebuild the existing one, or drop in an LS V8?

Tyler decided to brave the wrath of Porsche purists by going for the LS option, with a 50,000 mile LS2 6.0-litre V8 from a 2007 Chevrolet Corvette. It’s packing 395bhp, and - before you start shouting about weight distribution - it’s worth pointing out the all-aluminium General Motors lump weighs about the same as the 996’s original flat-six.

We’ll be following this project with interest, while also awaiting an update on Hoover’s super cheap Mercedes ML55 AMG, which was stolen and recovered recently.