Matt Robinson 2 months ago 77

The Bugatti Chiron's US-Spec Bumper Is Moderately Upsetting

The Chiron on display at the New York Auto Show reveals that US-spec versions of the car will be fitted with hideous bumper protectors, but there is a solution...

Remind me later

As you can see from the image above, the rear end of the Bugatti Chiron is quite a sight to behold. With vast mesh expanses, lashings of carbonfibre and one gigantic light bar, it gives the Chrion’s bum a striking aesthetic. An aesthetic which is enhanced with two massive lumps of rubber on US-spec cars.

As revealed by the Chiron on display at the New York Auto Show, US-spec cars will have these wretched carbunkles attached due to US federal bumper regulations. Cars like the Lamborghini Countach and various iterations of the Porsche 911 famously received a similarly nasty exterior treatment due to the rules, which are intended to avert damage during low speed accidents.

Thankfully, the rubber blocks should be fairly easy to remove as it looks like they’re held on by a handful of exposed screws (no doubt a very deliberate decision), so expect every single US Chiron owner to bin the protectors immediately after delivery…