Matt Kimberley 2 months ago 34

The Penultimate Dodge Demon Teaser Hints At Racing Fuel

With the end of these weekly teasers now in sight, the 13th video features what seems to be high-octane racing fuel

Remind me later

Dear CTzens, it’s that time of the week again. Yes, it’s time for the latest, and 13th, Dodge Demon teaser. Soon we’ll be able to stop this madness, but we kind of have to keep it up while the videos are still coming.

After last week’s video, titled No Ice, today’s is called Fuel. It’s pretty light on clues, but the words ‘high octane’ and the presence of a man refuelling the car with a shoulder-carried tank full of bright green petrol suggests that the Demon might be equipped to run race-spec high-octane fuel for an additional shot of power. Interesting.

Don’t worry, the weekly charade is almost over. The cycle is broken tomorrow, when the 14th and last teaser is released, before the car is finally given its full launch next week.