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This Cool Electric Lotus Evora Project Is How Sports Cars Could Look In 10 Years

Canadian engineer, tuner and occasional racer Sasha Anis is building an electric Lotus Evora with key parts from a Tesla and a pair of Chevrolet Volts, and the results will be a glimpse into the future

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You’re no doubt wondering what the sports cars of the future are going to look like. So are we. Here’s an interesting bit of potential crystal ball-gazing from Speed Academy, whose latest video series is following one guy’s quest to build an electric Lotus Evora.

Casual racing driver Sasha Anis, from OnPoint Dyno, who you might have seen chasing lap times in a heavily modified race-spec Nissan 350Z, is looking at combining batteries from a Chevrolet Volt with the P85 motor from a Tesla, all within the chassis of the Lotus sports GT.

It’s going to be a fully legal street car, with working heating and air conditioning, a 12in digital display and fully working electrical controls. It’s slightly reminiscent of Tesla’s own Roadster, which used a Lotus Elise as its base.

He’s predicting around 350bhp from the motors, which he bought from eBay in the wake of a Tesla wreck. As for range, it won’t be much better than 125 miles, but in the video Sasha says that Volt batteries, when hooked up together, can deliver better performance than a Tesla pack. It makes for an interesting 14 minutes and we’ll be keeping an eye on the project’s progress.