You Could Have Bought Richard Hammond's Old Porsche 924 For £7k

The 924 used and distastefully modified by Hammond in an old Top Gear episode was auctioned off at the weekend for a relatively low price

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As we’ve discussed before, Top Gear has a habit of killing the older cars it features. Happily though, there have been plenty of survivors, like this Porsche 924.

It didn’t come away entirely unscathed, with the car’s ‘owner’ - Richard Hammond - adding some rather questionable modifications including a matt black bonnet, a fake hood scoop and some stickers that look like they belong on a Hot Wheels car. But hey, it’s an amusing piece of Top Gear history, and someone bagged it at Coy’s Autosport International auction at the weekend for just £7,080 (note: not £6000 as previously reported).

It was the car Hammond used in a cheap car challenge way back in series five (over 12 years ago), and was the subject of much mockery due to being - according to Jeremy Clarkson and James May - not a ‘proper’ Porsche. It fared better than Clarkson’s 928 entrant though, which was pretty much dead by the end of the film.

According to Coys, following its appearance on Top Gear it was sold into private ownership and competed in various sprint events. It’s good to know it’s been getting some proper use, and hopefully that’ll continue with whoever just bought it.

Would you spend £7000 on a slice of TG history like this?