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Fun cars in a straight line?

Hey everyone, first post here. I’m looking for some advice on buying my first “fun” car. Problem is I live in a city which is built on a grid system (in Eastern Europe), and there are no curvy B-roads or anything like that anywhere near. It’s all mostly straights even when you get out of the city. Road surface is not great either. Most of the main roads are pretty good, but other less important roads can be neglected. On the upside at least the speed camera situation isn’t too bad. There’s a few of them scattered around but there are still plenty of spots where you can hoon around a bit… within reason of course.

So because of my environment I wouldn’t go for a car with a very sporty and hard suspension that’s tuned for the twisties. I’ve looked at a lot of cars and have broken it down into two different categories:
Small, light, stylish hatch (MINI Cooper, Fiat 500 TwinAir, VW Scirocco, etc.)
Bigger “cruiser” kind of cars (some I’m looking at: 2013 Hyundai Genesis Coupe 2.0T, 2007 BMW 335i, 2003 Mercedes-Benz CLK500, 1999 Mercedes-Benz SLK320)

I live in a tiny country so the selection isn’t big but there’s also the possibility if importing a car from another country. But in that case it has to be no more than 10 years old and preferably have an engine displacement under 2 liters (import tax is high on bigger engines).

The car won’t be a daily as I’m lucky enough to be working from home. I’ll use it for mostly shorter trips around the city, maybe with some motorway driving, and the occasional spirited drive or cruise at night.

So what kind of car do you think would be right for me? Feel free to suggest anything but here’s some rough requirements:
2-door, preferably coupe body style, practicality doesn’t matter;
I’m drawn to RWD. Don’t really like FWD handling characteristics, especially torque steer, but I’m not dismissing FWD altogether;
Fuel economy doesn’t matter much. Insurance won’t be a problem either as it’s cheap here;
Budget is about 10k euros, maybe a bit more.

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Used American Cars

Does anyone know an american car for under 4000, that is easy to get in Europe/Austria?

I tried old Camaros, but I can’t find any here

What's the best tuner car for under 5k or 10k. Please I can't pick I'm back and fourth! I would like to track focus as well!

Is a 1987 Supra with 870k kilometers for 3000 euros a good offer. It's a 3 liter turbo and removable hardtop?

Your vehicle must be small, unsuitable and generally a bit crap

Budget car

I need a car in the Middle, a car like a Supra or a Silvia or something along those lines and possible to get without shipping because you can’t ship anything 5 years from the model year

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Rx8's aen Rx7's dont live a gud life here.....😭😭😭