Alonso Drove So Fast At Spa He Confused And Broke His McLaren Honda

It seems during qualifying for the Belgian GP, Fernando Alonso drove so quickly through a corner, it confused his McLaren Honda and completely broke it

The Honda Jazz Dynamic Is An Adorable New Kinda/Sorta Warm Hatch

Honda has revealed a 128bhp version of the Jazz as part of a mid-life update, and we reckon it might be quite entertaining...

Could These Two Honda NSX Test Mules Be Non-Hybrid And Rear-Wheel Drive?

A year or so after rumours surfaced suggesting that Honda was thinking about building a lighter, more extreme NSX without the hybrid drivetrain, these two suspiciously loud test cars have been spotted at the Nurburgring

Watch Nine Youths Somehow Pour Out Of A Honda Civic After A Crash

After crashing into the back of an Audi A4, nine youths, who we suspect had stolen the Civic they were travelling in, exit the same car like it was nothing

Honda Has Filed A Patent For What Looks Like A Baby NSX

Patent drawings for a mid-engined sports car have emerged - could this be the long-rumoured baby NSX?

Stop The World, We Want To Get Off: It's The Honda 'Minnie Van'

We don't really know whether to laugh or cry, so we'll open the floor to the good CTzens of planet Earth as Honda reveals a one-off Minnie Mouse-themed Odyssey people-carrier

Battery Fires Force Massive Honda Accord Recall

A design flaw in the battery sensors of over two million Honda Accords could increase the risk of a fire in the engine bay, a recall notice states

Honda Just Joined Forces With Hitachi For A £34m Electric Motor Venture

Honda and Hitachi Automotive Systems have put the equivalent of £34 million into a new company that'll produce and sell electric motors

Future Honda Civic Type R Variants May Include AWD Version

Honda is planning numerous iterations of the new Type R, with a more hardcore version and others being considered

Is The New Honda Civic Type R Actually Better Than The Focus RS And WRX STI?

Can the Civic Type R compete with the Ford Focus RS and Subaru WRX STI? Doug DeMuro explains why he's left wanting more

The New Honda Accord Looks Like An NSX And That's No Bad Thing

We've only got this teaser to go off, but the new US-spec Accord should be the best looking and driving one ever

The New Honda Civic Type R Somehow Makes 295bhp At The Wheels

Despite a claimed power output of only a little over 300bhp, a tuning company's dyno test suggests that the Civic might be a bit more powerful than that...