Tesla Issues $1.5 Billion In Junk Bonds To Finance Model 3 Production

While the Tesla Model 3 is proving hugely popular, it could be years before the automaker is able to turn a profit

Someone's Managed Over 1000km On A Single Tesla Model S Charge

Tesla Owners Italia has beaten the previous record for the longest distance traveled by a Model S on a single charge, by travelling 1078km

Tesla Is Already Cutting Costs For The Model Y Compact SUV

Although it's not even meant to be here for at least 18 months, it looks like Tesla has already started chopping development costs for the Model Y by recycling the Model 3's platform

The Tesla Model 3 Will Gain A Hot Flagship Next Year

You can hardly accuse the Tesla Model 3 of being slow even in its most basic trim, but Elon Musk has confirmed a faster version for next year

This Lifted Tesla Model X Render Is The Uber Electric SUV You’ve (Maybe) Always Dreamed Of

What’s better than standard Tesla Model X? One that’s lifted and ready for Dakar Rally duty, that’s what

Elon Musk Will Handover The First Tesla Model 3 To A Lucky Customer Tonight

The event in California marks the beginning of the Model 3's life in the public eye

Tesla's Autopilot Was Blamed For Another Crash... But Now The Driver Has Owned Up

When you think you're handing control over to a machine, it's natural to blame the machine when things go wrong, as a Tesla Model S driver in Minnesota claimed - before backtracking and taking the blame

Here's What Happens When A Tesla Model X Drag Races An Audi SQ7

The Audi's 4.0-litre V8 diesel-powered mammoth takes on a the power of electricity...

Feast Your Eyes On The First Production Tesla Model 3

Elon Musk has tweeted two images of Model 3 serial number 1, and it's also been caught on video

Even The Slowest Versions Of The Tesla Model S Are Now Seriously Fast

There really is no such thing as a slow Model S - the base 75 now does 0-60 in just 4.3 seconds

Faraday Future's Prototype FF91 Has Beaten The Tesla Model S's Pikes Peak Time By 23 Seconds

Faraday Future may be struggling behind the scenes, but we have to admit to raising an eyebrow at a Pikes Peak course time that easily betters that of the old Tesla Model S P90D

A Fast, Fun, All-Electric Polestar Would Be The Biggest Automotive Surprise Since Tesla

If any European brand was going to be first with a mass-produced all-electric hot hatch or super-saloon, we'd have bet on Audi or Renault Sport, but Polestar could be about to spring a massive coup while the rest are fumbling their lines

A Tesla Model S Has Managed 900km On A Single Charge

A Model S has proven electric cars can finally compete with conventionally-powered motors for range, but speed is a big factor...

Here's Your First Look At The Tesla Model Y

Lurking in the shadows of this teaser image is Tesla's incoming Model Y compact crossover