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10 Amazing Crash Videos From Grand Theft Auto 5

The big virtual world of Grand Theft Auto 5 is the perfect place to try and create the biggest, most spectacular crashes you can. The streets of Los Santos certainly lend themselves to huge shunts…

Remind me later

1. Outta nowhere

Let’s kick things off with this short, fast-paced and eye-catching GTA 5 crash compilation. ALL OF THE CRASHES. We particularly like the “WTF” element of the crash at 1m6s.

2. Extra damage

How about this brilliant set of GTA 5 smashes with the crash deformation mod, which adds that extra level of detail and drama to the shunts.

3. Something a bit different

Let’s mix things up a little with this cool plane crash compilation from GTA 5, because those are just as fun and spectacular.

4. Totally destroyed

Watching this GTA 5 gamer completely destroy his Ocelot Jackal in a series of crashes, while trying to escape the police, is pretty satisfying. Even more so by the fact they manage to avoid their car exploding, despite getting rid of almost every single body panel. Props to them!

5. That sound effect tho

The sound effect whenever a driver is ejected from their car in this video compilation of brutal GTA 5 crashes is just way too funny. It does, however, show this player probably isn’t the best at driving in the game.

6. Monster shunts

Some of these crashes are absolutely insane. From multiple flips to hilarious airborne shunts, there’s something for everyone in this video…

7. Brutal bike smashes

Surely crashing on a motorcycle or bike is the most brutal and scary way to crash in GTA 5? There’s nothing to protect your character, and nowhere for them to go except flying off into the distance (or the side of a house).

8. Driving flat out

So, this is what happens when you just drive flat out in GTA 5 and see what happens. Basically, you crash. You crash, a lot. And it looks damn incredible.

9. Jump!

Yeah, sometimes jumping out of the car while it’s crashing or just before doesn’t help that much. Nevertheless, it makes things even more exciting to watch for us viewers. So, we’re definitely nor complaining.

10. Huge pile-up

Who doesn’t love a good GTA 5 motorway pile-up? Drivers just keep on speeding into the crash scene and getting caught up on it. Perhaps a mod was involved. But, however the video was made, it looks absolutely insane and complete chaos. Classic GTA 5.

What awesome GTA 5 crash/fail videos have you seen? Let us know in the comments below!