10 Badass Ready To Race RC Cars That Are For Big Kids Only

Check out our picks for the hottest RC cars that are competition-ready straight out of the box

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For anyone who wants to race but lacks the time (or maybe knowledge) to hunt down the perfect parts to build their own custom RC car, this list is for you. Here are some of the best car kits available for both on and off-road action.

1. Tamiya Ferrari F2012-F104 1/10

Cost: around £135

This rear-wheel drive electric car is meant for on-road racing just like its full-sized relative, the Ferrari F2012. The slick rubber wheels and ultra-detailed body are set on the F104 platform, which allows it over 100 different upgrade options: perfect for starting out then satisfying your need to tinker later.

2. Traxxas XO-1 1/7

Cost: around £600

If you’re looking for speed out of the box, this is it. Capable of reaching speeds over 100mph, it’s no wonder this little electric beast is priced around £600 and is not recommended for beginners. Just ask the poor souls who have uploaded heart breaking crash footage, like the guy in the video below. Ouch.

3. Losi Desert Buggy XL 1/5

Cost: around £800

For the off-road explorer we suggest this all-inclusive four-wheel drive petrol-powered buggy. It has all the basic needs for racing and climbing in the great outdoors. All-terrain tires, independent suspension, sealed differentials and dual disc brakes give you great control over your vehicle. The buggy is perfect for an intermediate racer/builder, and has a few available upgrades.

4. Team Associated Rival Monster Truck 1/8

Cost: around £309

Climb over anything in your path with this mean electric monster truck. Eight adjustable coilover shocks and huge all-terrain wheels make for a great vehicle for climbing or jumping. It can withstand multiple crashes with its durable frame and body.

5. Tamiya Porsche 911 Carrera 1/10

Cost: around £200

Tamiya offers a variety of ready to race cars built on the TT01 platform, but this Porsche body is among the crowd favourites. It sits on fully independent suspension on the type E four-wheel drive chassis, allowing for over 100 upgrades.

6. Team Associated APEX Mini Touring 1/18

Cost: around £100

This electric car is a nice gateway vehicle for those who want to get into the RC world, since it looks good and is easy to control. The car costs less than £100, but upgraded performance parts are available as you fall further into the mod addiction.

7. Exceed RC MadDrift 1/8

Cost: around £180

An on-road electric drift car like this will get you started in the right direction for taking on more serious drifting RC opponents. With enough power from the motor and evenly balanced weight on a lower platform, you can easily break traction in corners and be on your way to the title of RC Drift King. This car is easy enough for beginners, but also has the potential for dozens of upgrades for the more advanced hobbyist.

8. hpi-racing Sprint 2 Sport 1/10

Cost: around £200

Another great ‘pick up and go’ car, the Sprint 2 Sport is great for beginners who want to learn the controls. The car was designed to be low maintenance and easy to modify, so when you get bored of racing the base model you can throw your money at more parts. For a starter car, this Nissan GT-R body looks pretty good too.

9. Traxxas Nitro 4-Tec 3.3 1/10

Cost: around £260

This four-wheel drive petrol-powered on-road car packs some serious heat with a top speed of over 65mph. It’s built for avid RC enthusiasts with more advanced driving skills. The TQi radio system includes a docking base so you can monitor performance data and save settings from your phone. There are so many modifications available, and with a tuning app to download you will surely want to tweak more than a few things.

10. hpi-racing Baja 5SC Truck 1/5

Cost: around £800

This off-road truck is powered by a 26cc petrol engine and has a top speed of 40mph. Heavy-duty shock absorbers, drive shafts and axles allow it to zoom over rough terrain and withstand heavy impacts on landing.

What type of track do you like to tear up and what’s your favourite RC vehicle for it? Let us know in the comments.