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A Heartwarming Civic Type R Charity Auction Has Just Taken A $200,000 Bid

With Honda having donated the very first 2018 Civic Type R to a worthy charity in the States, one anonymous but generous bidder has just beaten the previous best by $144,000

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News surfaced earlier in the week that Honda in the USA is going to auction the very first American Civic Type R - VIN 01, no less - for a very worthy charity, and it has already attracted a massive $200,000 bid.

The auction for 2018 Civic Type R #01 is live right now on US car auction site Bring-a-Trailer. It’s an Aegean Blue car with all the Type R upgrades we’re already familiar with, including the 302bhp turbocharged 2.0-litre engine and awesome lightweight three-pipe exhaust.

The money will go to America’s Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation, if you’ll pardon two counts of American spelling, there. It’s a fantastic cause that helps kids that have been diagnosed with brain tumours, as well as helping their families understand and deal with what is one of life’s shortest straws to draw. Bring-a-Trailer is also donating its five per cent fee from the sale to the charity.

We’ll keep an eye on the bidding for this, and we tip our caps both to Honda and to the newly-registered user who has opened proceedings at such a high point (username ‘happycappyauto’). There’s less than a week left, but that’s plenty of time for higher bids. We can’t see this car ever being worth even £200,000, though, so bidders will need to put philanthropy before investment potential.