WEEKLY CARTOON #29 - Every Wednesday and Sunday!

Published in Auto Bild Klassik 10/2012.
Drawn by Oliver Freese.
Translated by The Stig’s German Cousin.

The translation and publication of these comics was officially licensed by cartoonist Oliver Freese.

Original German Version:

I’m working on the interview with cartoonist Oliver Freese! I already wrote down several questions which I want him to answer for you. Sadly, he is really busy at the moment, as he is currently renovating his house and working on his project car (an Opel Kadett B). But still, the interview will come soon, I promise! Do you guys have any questions you want me to ask him? Comment below!

Stay tuned for more! Next one is coming out on Wednesday, follow me to get notified!
Tobi aka The Stig’s German Cousin


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