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Are You More Excited About Cars 3, Or Fate Of The Furious?

Two massive - and hugely different - car films are out this year, but which are you more excited about?

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There seems to be a recurring theme whenever we say anything about Cars 3: there’s usually at least one person telling us they’re “more excited about this than Fate of the Furious”. Hell, I’ve even seen one or two memes made about it.

It’s an interesting point: they’re the two biggest car films that’ll be released this year, but are very, very different from one another. One’s a long-running franchise that’s given us a film every two or so years, the other is gearing up for only its third (and presumably final) instalment stretched over 11 years. One’s live action and the other’s animated, and technically a kids film, but I know plenty of adults who’ll sure as hell be watching it. Me included.

So, with the first extended trailer for Cars 3 out today (see further up the page), we thought we’d ask you guys: which film are you most excited to see?

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