Auto Club Revolution Is Still Free To Play And Now Vastly Improved

We get the low-down on the newest fixes, features and racing tips that will help ACR compete against its rival console games

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What is ACR?

Auto Club Revolution is a free-to-play PC racing simulator that is truly community driven. It relies on feedback from its players and weekly updates to stay relevant in a gaming genre that is flooded with competition. The game’s developer, Eutechnyx, began building car games in the UK 27 years ago and has since expanded worldwide. The team of petrolheads has a long history of developing simulator software for both automakers and gamers.

ACR 2.0

In June this year, testing of the completely overhauled ACR 2.0 game began for registered testers. You can still register here for a chance to get in on the Closed Beta. If chosen to participate, expect to wait at least one to two weeks before an invitation email. The new version offers enhanced graphics, more vehicles and support for the Oculus Rift.


With ACR, you can shape your own racing career by working your way up in the ranks and earning the ability to upgrade your car. You can create your own custom events and invite your mates to race on both real and fictional tracks. There are over 65 manufacturer-licensed vehicles available that range in price from zero to over two hundred thousand game credits.

Recent Fixes

In the last month, with so many players actively involved in the Beta test, the developers made major progress. They have made the A.I. react faster and drive more aggressively (try overtaking a bot now and you’ll see the difference). More detail has been put into the interiors and bodies of the cars. Interior cameras are more affected by G-force now, and all cameras can rotate even further left and right. High-speed handling has also been improved. There has also been a much needed improvement to the match making technology. You will now be more fairly matched with opponents of similar skill.

Tips From The Experts

If you’re an ACR player, check out its official site for weekly tips. Recently, the team posted pointers on how to master each section of the Lakeside Italia and Moscow Red Heat tracks. Get strategies for approaching and exiting turns all while keeping your speed (and hopefully not crashing). While you’re there, check out its newest feature: Car Showdown. It compares two cars at a time to help you decide between two similar rides before you spend your credits.

Free-to-play or pay-to-win

Despite all the good points of ACR, it is going to come down to one last question before players pick it up: is it really free or do we have to pay for premium content? No worries, ACR is still free. Yes, you can purchase credits to pay for upgrades faster than you would if you had actually earned those credits. Yes, it takes much more time to earn credits versus buying them, but there are no features that can only be unlocked with cash. It comes down to trading your time for your money if you want to get ahead without putting in the hours. While it might irritate you, you have to remember that those people who pay for credits are the reason everyone else can play free.

If you aren’t registered for ACR, you need to be…it’s free, why not? The more practice you can get in now before the game opens to the public, the better.