Buying A $6100 Porsche Cayenne Turbo Takes A Mix Of Bravery And Madness

Tyler Hoover - owner of the USA's cheapest 911 - thought it would be a great idea to add to his garage with the least expensive turbocharged Porsche he could find...

Remind me later

The classifieds are full of once expensive luxury performance cars that have depreciated to peanuts. The trouble is, with the sheer number of things to go wrong, actually buying one is a downright terrifying prospect. Thankfully, those of us who don’t have the balls to take the plunge can watch YouTuber and columnist Tyler Hoover live out our luxury car dreams.

We’ve seen him buy the USA’s cheapest AMG Mercedes (which was stolen and then recovered), the USA’s cheapest Porsche 911 (a 996 which had its engine blow up), and now this. Hoover claims this Cayenne Turbo is the cheapest running, non-salvage turbocharged Porsche in the whole country.

Admittedly he had to use his dealer connections to get it, but nonetheless $6100 is a ludicrously small amount of money for a car with a 4.5-litre twin-turbo V8 and 444bhp. He’s already had to deal with some severe engine running issues - caused by what looked to be sabotage from an unscrupulous buyer trying to put off competing bidders. But as Hoover points out: “What this slickster didn’t count on was this idiot bidding on the car sight unseen from over a thousand miles away”. Quite.

With the under-bonnet skulduggery sorted and an air suspension fault fixed, all seems well. We’re looking forward to seeing how this V8 bargain pans out…


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