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French Prosecutors Are Investigating Renault Over Possible Emissions Fiddling

A day after the EPA announced it was to investigate FCA over possible emissions fiddling, it's emerged French authorities are now investigating Renault for foul play with its diesel engines

Remind me later

January has not been a good month for the beleaguered diesel engine. We had top VW employees getting arrested last week, the EPA publicly accusing Fiat Chrysler Automobiles of using software that alters emissions levels yesterday, and now it’s the turn of Renault.

The French manufacturer had its offices raided last year, and although nothing became of that whole saga, Renault is back in the spotlight for the wrong reasons once more. France’s Public Prosecutor has opened a fresh investigation into Renault, amid new claims it has cheated emissions tests with its diesel engines.

Responding to the news, Groupe Renault released the following statement, in a handy list format…

Groupe Renault, which intends to protect its rights, reminds its constant position.

  1. Renault complies with French and European regulations.

  2. Renault vehicles are all and have always been homologated in accordance with the laws and regulations. They are compliant with the applicable standards.

  3. Renault vehicles are not equipped with cheating software affecting anti-pollution systems.

  4. The States, European Commission, Regulation Authorities and automotive manufacturers all share the opinion that the requirements of the applicable regulations need to be strengthened. This is the purpose of the future Euro6d Regulation.

Groupe Renault reminds that in March 2016 it submitted to the panel of the independent technical commission a complete nitrogen oxide (NOx) emission reduction plan for its Euro6b diesel vehicles in customer use, which has been deemed transparent, satisfactory and credible.