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Here's A Lamborghini Huracan You'll Actually Be Able To Afford

This fire damaged Huracan will soon be auctioned off in Louisiana, although it doesn't look like much is salvageable...

Remind me later

I’m the first to admit that some of our used car picks from the classifieds are beyond the means of many. For instance, while £60,000 for a 996 Porsche 911 GT3 is good value, I know few of you have the cash to go out and buy such a beast. But, here’s a used supercar which you’ll almost certainly be able to afford. The catch? Err, there’s not a whole lot left.

It was a Lamborghini Huracan, before being razed to the ground in a catastrophic fire. The IAAI auction page has been picked up by various car outlets, probably because it’s not often you see such a thing up for grabs. Quite what you’d be able to salvage from it other than some charred mementos, we’re not sure.

Amusingly, the Huracan - located in Baton Rouge, Louisiana - has an estimated repair cost of $5 listed. The advert also mentions that the “Vehicle Won’t Start”. You don’t say?

You might have actually seen this car before. We’re pretty certain the car belonged to a chap called David Mahler, who found himself on the receiving end of death threats after taking a job from New Orleans city council to take down various Confederate flags from monuments last year. After his 2014 Huracan was torched in a suspected arson attack, he cancelled his contract with the city, fearing further reprisals against himself and his family.