Honest Movie Trailer Shows Why You Can't Think About The Cars World Too Much

Ahead of the release of Cars 3, the first and second films from the franchise have been given the Screen Junkies 'Honest Trailer' treatment

Remind me later

The whole ‘suspension of disbelief’ thing is especially relevant to the Cars film franchise. You just have to accept this world of anthropomorphic cars as it is and not think about it too much. As if you do, the questions become more and more unsettling.

Where are all the humans? Did cars kill us all? Are cars immortal? How did the second film end up being such a pile of garbage? All of these concerns and more are discussed to amusing effect in this new pair of ‘Honest Trailers’ from Screen Junkies.

Cars 3 meanwhile will be released on 16 June. Just don’t overthink it…