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Watch The McLaren F1 Pass 240mph On Its Way To A World Record

It's 25 years since we first saw the incredible McLaren F1, and the company has released special heritage footage to mark the road car's greatest achievement: its world record 240mph top speed

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The McLaren F1 is, and always will be, one of the most astonishing, groundbreaking, legendary cars ever built, and this year it’s 25 trips around the sun since it was born.

To mark the milestone, McLaren has produced a special video about how its at-the-time world record 240.1mph top speed run was achieved.

The film features footage from the actual record attempt at the Ehra-Lessien Proving Ground and an interview with Andy Wallace, the man who set the benchmark speed.

The in-car camera might seem a bit cliche these days, but this was 1998 and the wonderfully retro, low-saturation film showing how the car fidgets at high speed is something to behold, along with Wallace’s calm commentary.

After hitting an indicated 243mph on one run, he says: “I still say this is the best car ever built, ever, and probably will never be beaten.”

A lot of people would probably agree with him.