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New Project Cars 2 Trailer And Details Revealed

Slightly Mad Studios has announced that the follow-up to Project Cars will be here in late 2017, and will feature over 170 cars

Remind me later

If Project Cars 2 is the racing game you’re looking forward to most this year, we now have a few details which might well pique your interest.

First up, there’s a new trailer, featuring “‘work in progress in-game footage” and showcasing a variety of cars including various GT3 machines, an Aston Martin Vulcan and the new Mercedes-AMG GT3. On that subject, PC2 will have over 170 licensed cars, well over double the amount of the original game.

The whole wet weather thing - one of Project Cars’ biggest strengths - returns, and as well as wet/dry tarmac you’ll also be able to drive on gravel, mud, dirt and ice. The latter feature is shown in the trailer via a sideways-heavy appearance from a Mercedes-AMG C63, and it looks like tremendous fun. The team is also claiming to have the “widest variety of motorsports,” having now added Rallycross and Indycar to the list.

Elsewhere, PC2 is also promising over 60 tracks, full VR and 12K HDR support (PC only for that detail, obviously), plus a 24 hour dynamic weather cycle.

So, when will you be able to enjoy all this? We still don’t have a definitive date, but Slightly Mad Studios does say the game will be here “late 2017” on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

For now, here are some screen shots to drool over…