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Now's Your Chance To Bid On One Of Dom's Fast And Furious Dodge Chargers

A Dodge Charger that featured in the fourth and fifth Fast and Furious films will be auctioned off in Pennsylvania next week

Remind me later

It’s hard to think of something more entwined with the fictional psyche of Dominic Toretto than the Dodge Charger. Well, other than perhaps Corona, and white vests. But if lagers and sleeveless tops aren’t your bag and you want to channel your inner Vin Diesel, we have good news: a Dodge Charger used in the filming of the Fast and Furious franchise will soon be going under the hammer.

It featured in the fourth and fifth films of the franchise as a stunt car, and as such, some of the details are a little iffy. It’s a 1968 car that’s been mocked up to look like one from 1970, it’s packing a 350 Chevrolet engine (because they’re cheap), and has a blower that doesn’t look like it’s actually connected to anything (below). Nothing is as it seems in movie land…

Supercharger belts aren't needed in movie land...

It’s one of only two Chargers that survived the two films, and has been painted up to look like the cars in the first and seventh films for promotional purposes. Both Vin Diesel and the late Paul Walker are said to have been in the car for filming at various points.

It’ll be auctioned on 16 March at Mannheim Pennsylvania during the ‘Xtreme Spring’ event, and has an appraised value of $200,000.