Porsche Just Massively Turned Up The Volume On Its 911 RSR

The mid-engined 911 RSR has been given a new exhaust system for Le Mans, and it sounds rather angry

Remind me later

With the legendary 24 Hours of Le Mans looming, racing teams took to Circuit de la Sarthe last weekend for some intensive test sessions. Our biggest takeaway from the track time? Good lord does the 911 RSR sound angry.

People trackside reported it to be extremely loud, and as you’ll be able to hear in this video, it seems to drown out everything on track else as it belts out its angry flat-six soundtrack.

Porsche Motorsport boss Frank Walliser confirmed on Twitter that the (now mid-engined) RSR is indeed packing a new exhaust for the sake of improved reliability. He said that the sound change is merely a “positive additional outcome”.

Heading to Le Mans this year? We suggest you pack some ear plugs.