Renault Clio RS Crashes Hard And Rolls Over At The 'Ring

A Clio RS200 driver's touristenfahrten session went badly wrong at the weekend, with an off-track excursion at Schwedenkreuz leading to a destructive rollover crash

Remind me later

If we see something about a Renault crashing at the Nurburgring, we normally assume it’s to do with a Megane RS. There have been some sickening high-profile crashes involving examples of Renault’s third-generation hot Megane, but this time around, the touristenfahrten destruction involves the car’s little brother: the Clio RS200.

In this dramatic footage, the Clio enters the frame sideways at the tricky Schwedenkreuz section of the Nordschleife, before tearing across the grass. The car then slams into the barrier on the opposite side of the track, rolling over twice(ish) and clattering back onto the tarmac wheels down first.

A camera mounted in a following car captured another angle of the crash (06:55 onwards)

Thankfully, it looks like the driver and passenger are up and walking around shortly after the crash, hopefully having avoided serious injury.