Matt Kimberley 3 months ago 35

Someone Please Explain Why This Woman Is On The Bonnet Of A Car On The Freeway

In one of the more unusual stories we've covered this week, here's a car being driven down the freeway with a woman on the bonnet. We have absolutely no idea why but we can't stop watching

Remind me later

Don’t ask us to explain this one. We’ve tried amongst ourselves and failed. A domestic argument that got way, way out of hand? Who knows: all we know is that there’s a woman sitting on the bonnet of a moving car. On a freeway.

The incident on Highway 290 near Houston in Texas (because of course) was filmed a few days ago by a stunned driver who seems to have passed the car, stopped at the roadside and deliberately pulled out again to film what was going on, suggesting that this hasn’t only just happened. She’s been on there for a while. And the best/worst thing is, for the few seconds we can see her, she seems pretty chilled about it.

Now we don’t know what sort of madness drives a person to either sit on the bonnet of a car being driven on the freeway (not forgetting being driven all the way to the freeway), or to be the one doing the driving. Both of them are equally insane, in our books, and we hope they both get taken to padded cells before they do anyone else any harm.

Edit: The woman on the bonnet explains all…