Matt Robinson 7 months ago 38

The Fate Of The Furious Super Bowl Trailer Is All Flying Cars, Missiles And Explosions

Want another glimpse of Fate of the Furious? Make sure you check out the 'Big Game Spot'

Remind me later

Even though I’m a Brit, I think I just about grasp the concept of the Super Bowl. Yes, at its core is a jolly good game of hand egg football, but it’s more about the event as a whole, with all sorts of other things going on like Lady Gaga jumping into the abyss and many high profile adverts. And one particular advert might have stood out for petrolheads: a new Fate of the Furious trailer.

While it’s mostly made up of footage we’ve already seen in the main trailer, there are a few new bits to enjoy, including one scene near the end involving Dom’s Charger-cum-Batmobile thing, which perhaps hints at what we’ve all been expecting - despite having ‘gone rouge’ with Charlize Theron’s terrorist baddie, Dom will come good in the end.

F&F 8 may surprise us yet, but we’re fully expecting the vest-shod hero to be sipping Coronas with his ‘family’ by the time the credits roll.

The film will be released on 14 April.