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The Latest Cars 3 Teaser Introduces New Characters

Following the initial - surprisingly dark - teaser, Pixar has released a new trailer introducing two new characters

Remind me later

With Cars 3’s 16 June release edging closer, Pixar is giving us a closer look at three of the film’s characters.

Lightning McQueen (voiced by Owen Wilson) should hopefully need no introduction, but as hinted at in the initial, surprisingly dark teaser trailer, he’s getting on a bit and having something of a mid-life crisis. That’s an issue, as he has to go up against the film’s antagonist, Jackson Storm. Voiced by Armie Hammer (who surely has the greatest name in Hollywood), Storm is a carbonfibre-built, young upstart who uses technology to his advantage.

Finally, we have Cruz Raminez, a young trainer and race technician voiced by comedian Cristela Alonzo. Raminez will help McQueen get back into the swing of things following the big accident seen in the aforementioned teaser.

Roll on 16 June…