Matt Robinson 6 months ago 20

The New Renault Sport Megane Is Hidden Somewhere Under This Sheet

To celebrate hitting one million Facebook fans, Renault Sport has put together a little celebration video, with a big teaser dumped on the end...

Remind me later

The next Renault Sport Megane has pretty big shoes to fill. Sure, the old one isn’t some all-wheel drive, bargain drift-mobile like the Focus RS, but what is has over the Ford and every other hot hatch out there is driving purity. If you want to know how steering is supposed to feel, what proper chassis feedback is like, and how fun lift-off oversteer can be, it’s the car you turn to. And while it’s not a car about headline figures, it’s worth remembering it did hold the front-wheel drive Nurburgring lap record. Twice.

So, we’re rather hoping the new one - teased at the end of the video above - will be good. The latest rumours suggest a power output in excess of 300bhp - with the whole lot sent to the front wheels exclusively - and the option of a manual or automatic gearbox. No DCT-only shenanigans like the Clio RS200.

It’ll be fully revealed later in the year.