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The Next Honda NSX Might End Up Being An All-Electric Hypercar

Honda is looking to use the Acura EV Concept Pikes Peak car's powertrain in a road car, potentially the next-generation NSX

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The current generation NSX has already taken a big step into the world of electrification thanks to its fabulously complex hybrid system, but the next Honda supercar is set to go even further.

Speaking to Autocar at a demo run of the 4-Motor Acura EV Concept Pikes Peak machine, Honda R&D chief Sekino Yosuke suggested that the powertrain could be used in a production car.

He said:

“It’s not just a competition car; I would like to make such a car in production, and there are some studies around that. We want our electric cars to be joyful to drive, and it is clear that this proposal, with around 1000bhp, is both joyful and uses technology that could one day reach production. We are evaluating what is possible now.”

The ideal vessel for such a bonkers, all-electric powertrain would most likely be the next NSX. The EV Concept is - after all - “inspired” by the current version of Honda’s supercar.

What’s particularly interesting about the Acura EV is its “four-wheel independent torque allocation”. This gives the car incredible torque vectoring ability, as it’s able to accelerate and decelerate each wheel individually.

It’s also crazy fast in a straight line, with the 1000bhp output giving a 0-124mph time of 6.2 seconds. Race it against Honda’s new Civic Type R, and the mega hatch will have only just hit 62mph while the Acura is doing double the speed.

The road car version of the powertrain will of course need to be vastly different for reasons of range, longevity and much more besides. But if it could get anywhere close to the output of the Pikes Peak machine, it’d be quite a beast.


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