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The USA's Cheapest AMG Has Been Recovered, With The Help Of Chainsaws

With his stolen ML55 tracked down, YouTube Tyler Hoover next had the tricky task of extracting the car from its woodland hiding place...

Remind me later

While it was great to see that YouTuber and columnist Tyler Hoover’s stolen Mercedes ML55 AMG had been located, it didn’t exactly look like it was in an easy position to be recovered.

The car - apparently the cheapest AMG in the USA when he bought it - had been hidden by the culprit, who used it as a battering ram while he wedged it deep into woodland. As such, recovering it was a painful operation involving a lot of chainsawing.

Thankfully, when finally out, the ML55 was revealed to be in remarkably good condition. There doesn’t seem anything wrong with it mechanically, and most of the scratches caused by its very off road excursion have polished out.

Given all he’s been through with the ML, Hoover’s now cancelled his plans to sell it. Sounds fair enough to us…