Michael Fernie 6 months ago 27

This Fearless Hillclimb Driver Spanks His Mk1 Golf To The Ragged Edge

2.0 litres of displacement is more than enough to see this Golf scream its way up a Swiss hillclimb course

Remind me later

Although it may seem like an unlikely choice, this stripped-out Mk1 Golf is more than a match for the twisting, high speed corners of this tricky hillclimb in Switzerland. Armed with a 2.0-litre 16-valve engine (probably from the Mk3 Golf GTI), the lightweight chassis of the Mk1 seems to make for a nimble steed at the hands of a committed driver.

Hitting the limiter on numerous occasions, the Volkswagen can be seen skirting hay bales and clipping grassy verges, culminating in the car spectacularly bouncing onto two wheels midway through the run. After completing the course, it’s unclear whether the driver is celebrating a particularly quick time or the fact he is still alive.

Whichever is the case, this unsung hero deserves some serious respect!