Jack Leslie 4 months ago 35

This Huge Shunt Just Took Place At The Indy 500

Amazingly, both Scott Dixon and Jay Howard emerged unscathed from this terrifying airborne crash – which took place just after the one-quarter mark of the 2017 Indianapolis 500

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Just after the 50-lap mark, with F1 star Fernando Alonso in the lead, Jay Howard (who was one lap down) went wide and clipped the Turn 1 wall. He broke his suspension and drifted across the circuit, right into the path of Scott Dixon, who tried his best but failed to avoid Howard’s car.

Dixon’s IndyCar machine was pitched high into the air, landing sideways on top of the inside tyre barrier. The force was so big, the engine came away from the chassis and flames erupted from the car.

Incredibly, both drivers were OK after the shunt, but the race was red flagged while barrier repairs and clearance took place.