Matt Kimberley 8 months ago 36

This Stupid Skoda Driver Gives No Damns About Oncoming Traffic

Trying to overtake one vehicle too many, the nonchalant driver of this Octavia vRS nearly causes a huge smash as he forces the oncoming driver to take avoiding action

Remind me later

The award for today’s biggest driving douchebag goes to: this guy. Captured on a dash-cam on a section of the Scottish A83, a blue Skoda Octavia vRS seems to be trying his best to cause a massive accident.

The camera was fixed to the windscreen of a truck that had, according to its driver, been making deliveries in the area. The Octavia, he says, overtook not just his truck, but a small van and an Audi A3 as well in the process of nearly drag-racing himself into the front of the oncoming Honda Accord (possibly a Type R). You can see how the Accord has to squeeze over to the left to avoid the accident, and the truck driver claims to have braked, too.

The best/worst thing about this video is how the Skoda driver, clearly on course for a horrible smash, doesn’t really even trouble to get back into his own lane promptly, even bearing in mind the wide-angle perspective-stretching effect of the camera. He’s still on the wrong side of the road as he passes the Accord. What a genuinely cock-headed piece of driving.