Alesia Yasmin 3 months ago 22

Finally saw my dream car!!!

Last weekend, I had one of the BEST experiences of my life. Finally being able to see one of my favorite cars, not just one.. But TWO of them! And had the chance to sit in both.. Yup, my weekend was made :’). I just stood there in awe, admiring it’s beauty, questioning how something could be so perfect. I can’t lie, I did shed a tear. I’ve waited so long for this day and it finally came. Mission accomplished.

This was over at Greenwich Concours in Connecticut. Definitely a great show with a variety of both classics and exotics.

Full of excitement, I had to pull out my phone and capture that moment! Haha.
Imagining myself taking this on a cruise with a beautiful scenery..

Later on as I’m walking around, I hear about a SECOND one that’s hidden indoors, and was going for auction.

Such beauty...
I was definitely the happiest woman on Earth.

What an exciting day, and definitely a memorable one. Now I just need to finish building my F40 so I can finally say I own one.. In Lego version haha.