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NYC/NJ Autocon...Lighting, Lighting, Lighting. #BlogPost

I know it's a little tilted but thats because I couldn't go directly in front of the camera crew!

I must say, if I could sum up this event, it would be “Quality of Quantity.” At first I was slightly taken back by the amount of cars that were actually there. If I had to take a slight guess, I’d say no more than 75. So feeling a slight discontent with the opening appearance, I dove in with an open mind.

For Sale! Brand new motor, R35 brakes, and a sublime interior...$160,000 takes it!

Right out of the gate, this beautiful R34 grabbed my attention with its perfect color setup of grey and black. Behind you’ll find another R34, and behind that is an R33. They really know how to welcome you at these events!

"That's a color only an owner can love."

As I searched around for cars that I found to be “Photogenic,” I was pleased to see that the event wasn’t substantially packed! I was able to get various angles without the typical “I brought my family here because it’s close to my home” guy walking in front of all my shots.

Always have to photograph the debut car!

Towards the middle of my short duration at the event, I quickly realized the exclusivity of the show. Not many cars, but many people with a story behind their build.

C'mon, you can't tell me this isn't the most perfect S2K you've seen. That paint looked like glass.

I was in the wrong at this event. I was expecting to go, shoot some cars (so to speak), and high tail out of there. But there was a very specific reason why this event lasted from 1-8 instead of 1-1:30.

Say what you want...I like it.

This event wasn’t about the cars, It was about the builds. One after another, cars were brought up and down the stage, as their builders gave the rundown of the build. It was extremely interesting to listen to the various nightmares and hardships owners and builders go through when building a show car.

Rocket Bunny kits never disappoint.

Overall, this event showed a new side of the community to me. Their weren’t several venders trying to cram stickers and t-shirts down you’re throat, and their certainly weren’t any crashing mustangs leaving the expo center as well (no offense Kenny). This event showed how refined and complicated the car world can actually be.

Hey! It's @gotgr1p from Instagram with his marvelous Evo.

Thanks for reading this short blog to anyone who took the time to. Ill Include some bonus photos at the bottom just for you! Ill be attending much more events this season and I hope I can establish a following with you guys. Thanks again!

Thats the whole show in a nutshell.
Where are my M guys and gals at?
No roof on this Z with not enough carbon.
Parking lot #carspotting
Finally just a nice iPhone shot of my car and my good friend Kenny's